The Booster Club serves to support the athletic programs at University Laboratory High School in a manner that is proper and reasonable, with the consultation, cooperation, and approval of the school's officials. Likewise, the Boosters assist in encouraging student participation in athletics and help to maintain a proper relationship between coaches, students, fans, and faculty.

Club Officers

  • President: Susan Osterbur
  • Vice President: TBA
  • Secretary: Tricia Lewis
  • Treasurer: Kris Williams


  • Boys' Basketball: Laurel Rosch / Annie McManus
  • Girls' Basketball: Kris Williams
  • Subfreshmen Boys' Basketball: TBA
  • Boys' Soccer: Tomo Chemla
  • Girls' Soccer: Mary Kate Arend / Lina Mongwa
  • Track: Susan Osterbur
  • Subfreshmen Track: TBA
  • Cross Country: Susan Osterbur
  • Subfreshmen Cross Country: Trina Wright-Dixon
  • Swimming: TBA
  • Volleyball: Tricia Lewis
  • Boys' Tennis: Annie McManus