Every year, University Laboratory High School gives out several awards to its students during the Spring awards ceremony. These awards commend students on their accomplishments throughout their Uni career in either their academic or social life. The awards information is compiled into annual Award Booklets, listed below. 

Athletic Director's Award

The Athletic Director’s Award is awarded to the Uni High senior who, in the opinion of the Athletic Director, has made a spirited contribution to the Uni High Athletic Department as a model community member and participant.

  1. Frankie McFarland
  2. Adam Tiourrine
  3. Brittany Scheid
  4. Albert Anastasio
  5. Elena Bauer
  6. Wyatt Bensken
  7. Chas Newman
  8. Raebekkah Pratt Clarke
  9. Jacob Rajlich
  10. Lauren Monahan and Aja Trask
  11. Paul D'Angelo and Brian Zilles
  12. Abraham Han
  13. Othniel Carr
  14. Zachary Donnini
  15. Aakash Vasireddy

Colin E. Thorn Award

The Colin Thorn award is presented to a non-student (parent, faculty member, staff or friend of Uni) whose unpaid, volunteer service demonstrates extraordinary dedication and service to the school over a substantial period of time. The Parent Faculty Organization (PFO) established this award several years ago in honor of Colin E. Thorn, who served for many years as an unpaid volunteer coach of the Uni High Boys soccer team. In addition to recognizing Colin Thorn's contribution to Uni, this award acknowledges the contributions of many volunteers to Uni's activities and programs.

  1. Colin Thorn
  2. Linda Brokish and Susan Marshall
  3. Chris Mair
  4. Richard Murphy
  5. Dan and Kim Kennedy
  6. Chris Merli and Donald Greeley
  7. Peter Folk, Paul Grayson, Sue and Mike Ciolli
  8. Chet Zych
  9. Susan Bruce and Bob Coverdill
  10. Richard and Susan Schnuer
  11. Janet LeRoy
  12. Kathy Marshak
  13. Del Suslick
  14. Pat Fernandez
  15. Irene Cooke
  16. Patricia Fernandez
  17. Irene Cooke
  18. Richard Murphy
  19. Tracey and Vic Malkovich
  20. Bob Coverdill and Karl Knox
  21. Dave Dickey
  22. Elizabeth and Barry Dickerson
  23. Melanie and Steven Michael
  24. Karl Radnitzer
  25. Ben Leff
  26. AJ Herzog
  27. Dave Bergandine
  28. Ioana Boca

Director's Award

The Director's Award is awarded to that Uni High student who, in the opinion of the Director, has made a spirited contribution to Uni High as a model student and citizen.

  1. Daniel Borup
  2. Isaure Hostetter
  3. Amanda Hwu
  4. Annie Rong/Marie Lilly
  5. Frederick Stavins
  6. Sam LeRoy/Gloria Ha
  7. Ema Ondrejckova
  8. Siena Roberts
  9. Callie Bruce
  10. Noah Blue
  11. Grace Sumitro
  12. Elizabeth Rienstra and Kristine Wang
  13. Joel Armas and Katie Powers
  14. Ariana Mizan and Elias Finkelman

Ella Leppert Award

Ella Leppert

This award is named in honor of Dr. Ella C. Leppert, a long-time social studies teacher at University High School, and recognizes outstanding teaching at Uni High.

  1. Mary Hoag
  2. Carol Bond
  3. Tony Lysy
  4. Vance Christiaansen, Alan Purves
  5. Dave Dannels, Mary Hoag
  6. Adele Suslick
  7. Ruth Poling-Kinder
  8. Chris Butler
  9. Bob Davis
  10. Pat McLoughlin
  11. David Stone
  12. David Stone
  13. Joanne Wheeler
  14. Rosemary Laughlin
  15. Rosemary Laughlin
  16. Susan Callahan
  17. Adele Mazurek-Suslick
  18. William Sutton
  19. Lisa Micele
  20. David Stone
  21. William Sutton
  22. David Stone
  23. Chris Butler
  24. William Sutton
  25. Rosemary Laughlin
  26. Elizabeth Jockusch, Francis Newman
  27. Rosemary Laughlin
  28. Catherine Dade
  29. Steve Rayburn
  30. Elizabeth Jockusch
  31. Ellen Lindsey
  32. Chris Butler
  33. Elizabeth Majerus
  34. William Sutton
  35. Hiroko Ito
  36. Lisa Micele
  37. Karl Radnitzer
  38. Barb Gerdes
  39. Chris Butler
  40. Matt Mitchell
  41. Bill Sutton
  42. Ioana Boca
  43. Ben Leff
  44. Dr. Elizabeth Majerus
  45. John Garvey
  46. Ben Leff

Emma Koenker Award

The Emma Koenker award honors an outstanding student who reflects Emma’s love of international culture and her profound respect for the unique qualities of all inhabitants of the global community.

  1. Samantha Sutton
  2. Amanda Smeltzer
  3. Eugenia Tumanova
  4. Katy Love
  5. Thomas Bailey
  6. Susan Sefranek
  7. Jie Wang
  8. EmilyBuss
  9. Valerie Ross
  10. Allison Darmody
  11. Tess Garvey
  12. Cordelia Loots-Gollin
  13. Tatyana Kostochka
  14. Vaishnavi Giridaran
  15. Katherine Allen, Isaure Hostetter, and Loic Hostetter
  16. Zach Korol-Gold, Sarah Yockey
  17. Elena Bauer
  18. Miriam Ferede
  19. Ema Ondrejckova, Gloria Ha
  20. Charles Randall Larenas-Leach
  21. Giulia Barbieri
  22. Matthew Reeder and Timmy Purnell
  23. Sophia Ebel
  24. Harmen Alleyne, Irina Cheng
  25. Christina Wu
  26. Ilana Cohen
  27. Maya Viswanathan

James Tobin Award

The James Tobin Award for Excellence in the Social Sciences was established in honor of Uni graduate James Tobin, an economist who won the Nobel Prize in 1981. The Tobin Award is given each year to a graduating senior who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the questions and principles of the social sciences.

  1. Martin Geiger
  2. Ruth Welch
  3. Andrew Lovdahl
  4. Rachel Harmon
  5. Katherine Floess
  6. Rosa Druker
  7. James Boyle
  8. Jonathan Yockey
  9. Alice Hu & Patrick Stein
  10. Patrick Stein
  11. Kavi Naidu & Ellen Rispoli
  12. Andrew Stelzer
  13. Vikram Perry
  14. Annemily Hoganson
  15. Sasha Rushing
  16. Roshan Perry & Zachary Donnini
  17. Maxine van der Donk

June Mank Award

June Mank was the bookkeeper for University High School from 1972-1988. She has served on the Champaign City Council since 1979. In her spare time she drives cancer patients for treatment, delivers meals on wheels, and serves on various neighborhood committees, plus church activities. This award is given to a student who most shares June' s supportive role in the interest of Uni High. The student may have a long-term commitment to a single project, a short-term commitment to a variety of projects, or is engaged in service to the school without being asked.

  1. Ruth Levy
  2. Juliette Dade
  3. Zivar Baker
  4. Phillip Lin
  5. Carl Crawford
  6. Laurel Herendeen
  7. Peter Folk
  8. Joy Vokac
  9. Shawn DeLaMar
  10. Shwayta Kukreti
  11. Jason Bant
  12. Peter Brokish
  13. Andy Mitas
  14. Chas Conway
  15. Melissa Hines
  16. Bob Monahan
  17. Anita Chary 
  18. Anna File
  19. Angelina Liang
  20. Madeleine Hamlin
  21. Eunice How
  22. Natsuki Nakamura
  23. Vivian Robison
  24. Amrutha Kumaran
  25. Wyatt Bensken
  26. Lara Orlandic
  27. Bruce Li
  28. Beth Geistlinger
  29. Grace Taylor
  30. Anna Ding
  31. Abraham Han
  32. Anya Kaplan-Hartnett
  33. Allie Kim
  34. Rowan Trilling-Hansen

Matt Wilhelm Award

Matt Wilhelm, Class of 1999, was a dedicated member of the Uni student body who was constantly helping others. No matter what he was doing, from serving on Student Council to assisting fellow students with their homework, Matt always contributed with little fanfare and with an unforgettable smile. Each year, the Matt Wilhelm Memorial "Service with a Smile" award shall go to the member of the Uni student body who, like Matt, went above and beyond the call of duty to serve the Uni community.

  1. Micah Berman
  2. Micah Berman
  3. Adam Tiouririne
  4. Tianna Pittenger
  5. Will Fernandez
  6. Jamie Blue
  7. Andrew Richardson
  8. Sam LeRoy
  9. Raebekkah Pratt-Clarke
  10. Jacob Rajlich
  11. Madie Gardner
  12. Maggie Tewksbury
  13. Ethan Soloveychik
  14. Othniel Carr
  15. Raneem Saadah
  16. Ilana Cohen


    Philip Anderson Award

    Philip Anderson was a member of the University High School Class of 1940. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1977 for “fundamental theoretic investigation of the electronic structure of magnetic and disordered systems.” This award is given to a student for exceptional performance through their science career at Uni, outstanding performance academically and participation in science-related extracurricular activities.

    1. Rahul Pandharipande
    2. Steve Findley & Shamit Kachru
    3. Chris D. Nicholas
    4. Joel Ullom
    5. Dolly Banerjee Roy
    6. Joshua B. Hopkins
    7. Andrea R. Peck Moeller
    8. Omar W. Jassim
    9. Casey Smith
    10. Emad W. Jassim
    11. Richard Lin
    12. Anand D. Sarwate
    13. Hsin Cynthia Chiang
    14. David I. Smyth
    15. Daniel H. Slichter
    16. James Prell
    17. Jocelyn S. Ross
    18. David A. Kaplan
    19. Catherine L. Wah & Elaine Y. Wah
    20. Dawn P. Spelke
    21. Colette Dejong
    22. Devika P. Bagchi
    23. Geoffrey Stephen Beck
    24. Richard Ning Wang
    25. Tej Chajed & Benjamin A. Suslick
    26. Zachary Korol-Gold & Christopher Mathy
    27. Aishwarya A. Gautam
    28. Chelsea Edwards
    29. Gloria Ha & Arch D. Robinson
    30. Nafisa Syed
    31. Ben Schiffer
    32. Lark Moreno
    33. Yichen Yao & Aditya Yedetore
    34. Samantha Churovich
    35. Sarah Hashash & Brandon Van Der Donk
    36. Danbi Choi & Keshav Ghandi
    37. Lawrence Zhao

    Student of the Year

    The Student of the Year Award goes to a student who meets the following criteria: demonstratives respect for the dignity and worth of the individual; is sensitive to the needs of his/her school and community and initiates constructive action without seeking self- glorification; is willing and able to operate as a leader or follower as the situation demands; is not bound by tradition, and has a strong interest in and commitment to their academic program.

    1. James T Hendrick
    2. Patricia Swartz
    3. George Frampton
    4. Haskel Taub
    5. Prudence Richardson
    6. Carol Costello
    7. Jeffrey Kinkley
    8. James Payne
    9. Homer Williams
    10. Rich Goldhor
    11. L. Kurt Drickamer
    12. David Atkin, Marie Chow
    13. James Peter Burkholder
    14. Kim E. Mast
    15. Ruth Ann Beberman
    16. Lissa Lamkin
    17. Laurie Porter
    18. Beth Ansbury
    19. Chris Debrunner
    20. David Glockner
    21. Mark Williams, Jane Gladney
    22. Danny Schult
    23. Mike Dorning, Grace Williams
    24. Betsy Brotherson
    25. Stephanie Wengert
    26. Michelle Jolly
    27. Sarah Williams
    28. John Walker
    29. Cynthia Chou
    30. Mary K. Mullally
    31. Deborah Katzenellenbogen
    32. Jeff Hendrickson
    33. Joshua Folk
    34. Phillip Lin
    35. Lesley Londeen
    36. Melissa Schoeplein
    37. Jeff Thorn
    38. Samantha Sutton
    39. Anand Sarwate
    40. Megan Murphy
    41. Phillipa Soskin
    42. Betsy Braden
    43. Jimmy Prell, Nick Sansone
    44. John Zech
    45. Emily Bruce
    46. Kathleen Reutter
    47. Betsy Dorner
    48. Roveiza Irfan
    49. Emma Anselin
    50. Micah Berman
    51. Isaac Chambers
    52. Rachel Harmon
    53. Chris Mathy
    54. Sarah Yockey
    55. Sarah Vaughen
    56. Arch Robinson
    57. Grace Lilly
    58. Katie Tender
    59. Annemarie Michael
    60. Umar Hanif
    61. Xanthe Brown
    62. Sarah Hashash
    63. Roshan Perry
    64. Aakash Vasireddy


    Sue Kovacs Award

    Sue Kovacs

    The University Laboratory High School Parent-Faculty Organization has established an award in honor of ex-Assistant principal Sue Kovacs. The award is given annually to a person who embodies the enthusiastic spirit of service which Ms. Kovacs displayed on a daily basis.

    1. Sally Walker
    2. Janet LeRoy, Jan Seeley
    3. Raebekkah Pratt-Clarke
    4. Barry and Elizabeth Dickerson
    5. Janet Morford
    6. Mallika Luthar
    7. Gwyn Ortiz and Steve Rayburn
    8. Dr. Elizabeth Majerus
    9. Lisa Micele
    10. Tim Bicknell

    Tom Jolly Award

    Tom Jolly was a local hospital chaplain who was very active in community fine arts and athletic programs. He was the father of Uni alums Michelle Jolly, Class of 1984, and Doug Jolly, Class of 1990. This award is given to a graduating senior who, during his/her tenure at Uni, has exhibited outstanding moral, ethical, and spiritual qualities. The student should also have worked to strengthen the Uni community by bringing various groups, clubs or populations together in order to improve the community and understanding among the various elements of the Uni community and/or with groups outside of Uni. The recipient’s activities should have been as broad as possible during his/her time at Uni in order to reflect the full scope of the “Uni experience.”

    1. Mojgone Azemun
    2. Erin Grant, Marla Shoemaker
    3. Ellen Eischen
    4. Tim Ballard, Jeff Thorn
    5. Damian Marshall
    6. Amanda Smeltzer
    7. Matt Walczewski
    8. Hormodz Gahvari
    9. Tyson Masar
    10. Ben Leff, Jenny Bartlett
    11. Noah Zych
    12. Veronica Zych
    13. Teresa Sonka
    14. Ben LeRoy
    15. Josie Chambers
    16. Bianca Zaharezcu
    17. Zoe Schein, Ruthie Welch
    18. Daniel Borup
    19. Sian Best, Marista Mestre, Rachel Harmon
    20. Will Fernandez
    21. Sarah Yockey
    22. Wyatt Bensken, Kaila Simpson
    23. Sam LeRoy
    24. Claire Michael
    25. Beth Geistlinger
    26. Callie Bruce
    27. Kathryn Dullerud
    28. Anika Kimme
    29. Steven Blanke
    30. Danbi Choi
    31. Ella Greer

    Wylde Q. Chicken Spontaneous Generation Award

    The Wylde Q. Chicken spontaneous Generation Award is given annually to a Uni High student who "colors outside the lines". It is sponsored by the Uni graduating class of 1972.