Impact Report 22

As a public school, Uni High receives general state aid per student attendance, accounting for 41% of school revenue. The University of Illinois Provost Office contribution is about 7% of the school revenue. Uni High does not receive local tax revenue like other public schools. This creates a funding gap, which we fill with private gifts and grants. Teachers, coaches, and staff salaries and benefits account for 75% of the Uni High annual budget, alone.
During the 2021-22 school year, Uni High parents, alumni, and friends generously contributed more than $779,241 to the Parent Fund and Annual Fund. A tutoring program was established through a $100K pledge, providing tutors for students’ academic success at Uni High. New funds were established through a $25K gift launching the Century Celebration mini campaign highlighting needs in the areas of the student experience, emerging needs, equity, faculty, and facilities. Because of your generosity, we continue to advance our commitment to serving exceptional students from all backgrounds and neighborhoods while maintaining our hundred-year tradition of academic excellence and discovery.
Your deep commitment and broad support for Uni High were necessary in our first 100 years and will be critical to our success in the next.