Students may elect to take independent study courses with Uni faculty or with professors at the University of Illinois. Independent studies usually involve studying specific topics more in-depth than what one would experience in a regular course.

Criteria for Independent Study
  • The independent study proposal must represent a study opportunity that is above and beyond the courses offered in the Uni High curriculum. Independent study proposals that duplicate courses offered at Uni will not be considered
  • The independent study proposal should enhance curriculum innovation consistent with the laboratory mission of Uni High
  • Independent study courses will not satisfy the "300-minute rule"
  • Students must complete the paperwork in order for an Independent Study to be registered


Any exceptions must be approved by a majority of the Curriculum Committee.

  1. Meet with supervising teacher to determine if the teacher is willing and able to undertake an independent study course with you.
  2. If the teacher agrees to an independent study, obtain an independent study request form from the Guidance Counselor.
  3. Working with the supervising teacher, write a proposal that meets the above-identified criteria for an independent study. Attach the proposal to the independent study request form. This should be in the form of a syllabus outlining the independent study in full detail.
  4. Obtain approval from your parents/guardians.
  5. Obtain approval from the department executive teacher.
  6. Obtain approval from the Guidance Counselor.
  7. Submit the independent study request form, the written proposal, and a copy of the class schedule to the Student Services office
    • By Friday of the first week of classes for fall semester and year-long proposals
    • By the Friday of the first week of the 2nd semester for 2nd semester proposals