The 2019–2020 Social Studies Laboratory course combined traditional classroom practices with a largely project-based pedagogy to facilitate a better understanding of historical concepts. After the first few weeks, the students began working in small groups on a history harvest project that lasted the remainder of the semester. This course was taught in collaboration with Dr. Kathy Oberdeck’s HIST 358 course, “History Harvest: Collaborative Public Digital History.” Uni students digitized materials in the Uni archive before hosting their own History Harvest during the Alumni Agora Days. At the end of the semester, the students completed a project in which they researched the urban landscape that surrounds Uni High, detailing its change over the past century.

History Harvest

History Harvest is a student-centered and community-based project that democratizes and opens historical inquiry to the public. At the 2019 Alumni Agora Days, Dr. Wilson’s Social Studies Laboratory class hosted a history harvest of Uni High artifacts. The students encouraged community members to bring their historical artifacts and share their reflections on Uni High history. The students then digitized the artifacts and put them online for to share with the Uni High community. The project is meant to preserve the historic memory of Uni High and provide a means of interacting with our collective institutional history.