A photo of Simpson

A photo of Simpson

Like many students, Kaila Simpson applied to Uni in the hopes of being challenged. Bored with what she was learning, Simpson wanted a different, smaller, and more rigorous environment. While Uni provided her these things, Simpson’s experiences here unearthed her love for Music, Math, and Sports alike. Starting in her subbie year, Simpson participated in Basketball, Orchestra, and Chorus, and stuck with them for her remaining four years. She also participated in Volleyball, Madrigals, and a year on the Math Team. Simpson reflects on these activities and accredits her confidence in the subjects to her teachers. One of these teachers was Dr. Boca, who taught geometry, one of Kaila Simpson’s favorite classes during her time here. Simpson would eventually join Boca in Uni High’s math department, though following her high school graduation, Simpson began her education as an engineer.

Simpson achieved her degree through Parkland Pathways, doing two years at Parkland College and three years at the University of Illinois. She then immediately moved to California and got a job in the engineering field. Unfortunately, Simpson found herself to be the only woman, and the only African American at her place of work. Facing unfair biases, SImpson revaulated her path after an unfortunate family event, and decided to move back home and become a substitute teacher. She began her career at uni as a long term substitute teacher for a teacher on leave, and transitioned to a visiting position as a teacher. Simpson currently teaches Math 2 and Algebra 1 at Uni High.

Senior Quote

“Don’t be scared be prepared."

High School Activities

Outside of her participation in sports, music, and the math team, Simpson also participated in Anime Club, Student Council, Asian Media Club, SLICE, and was the leader of Improv Club.

Favorite School Memory

Simpson recalls her experience performing with Madrigals for a Christmas party at a large extravagant mansion, enjoying her night there with friends.