Mike Renner


Mike Renner was a member of the Uni High graduating class of 2008. Before coming to Uni, Renner was always an enthusiastic sports fan--in particular football. Although Uni did not have a football team, he still chose to attend due to his two older brothers that were also Uni students. During his first years at Uni, Renner was highly involved in athletics and participated in the basketball, baseball, and soccer teams with his brothers. Renner went on to become a captain of the basketball team during his senior year where he was awarded Most Steals and Most Valuable Player, as well as breaking the school scoring record with 1,517 career points, which was previously held by his brother, Alex. 

After his time at Uni, Renner went to Notre Dame for college, following his brothers’ footsteps once more. Although he started off majoring in math, he ended up finishing his degree as an accounting major before going on to apply for a job at Pro Football Focus (PFF) where he works at now. 2 years ago Renner became the lead draft analyst at PFF where he completes player evaluations and releases his own draft guide each year.


Personal interview with Mike Renner

Current Occupation

Draft analyst for PFF (Pro Football Focus)

Fun Fact: Renner used to get NFL draft guides for his birthday as a kid that he would study and now he releases his own draft guides for others to view.

Uni Extracurriculars

Basketball (Captain - Senior year)



Senior Superlatives

Renner was voted most athletic in the senior superlatives.

Senior Prophecy

“Mike Renner goes to every Green Bay Packer game, and is the guy that they show in the stands when the Pack win their next Super Bowl in 2090.”