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Jane Neville

Jane Neville is a former Uni student and co-owner of the Neville-Sargent Gallery with her husband. Like her future husband, Jane enrolled in Uni in her freshman year instead of as a sub-freshman. She didn't participate in too many clubs with the G.A.A. being the club she was in the longest. Other than the G.A.A., most of her clubs were about kinds of art like her two musical clubs and a position as an editor of photography. After Uni, Jane attended and graduated from the U of I, although her specific degree was not found. After graduating in 1954 from the U of I, she went on to marry Don Neville, another member of the Class of the Century. In 1974, the Neville-Sargent Gallery was formed with Jane as the owner, with her husband joining her as co-owner 8 years later. 

Source: Uni 1996 Alumni Directory

Senior Quote

"Just can't sit still a minute."

Club Membership

Girls Athletic Association, Orchestra, Chorus, County Music Festival, Photography Editor of U and I

Notable Accomplishments

  • Class Secretary Senior Year

  • Editor for the Champaign-Urbana Courier

  • Co-owner of the Neville-Sargent Gallery