Donald Neville

  Donald Clay Neville is a Uni graduate and also co-owner of the Neville-Sargent Gallery, with his wife Jane. Neville started Uni as a freshman in 1947, joining the football and basketball teams. Neville continued his athletic streak, taking a break from football for sophomore year, participating in track during his junior year, and playing basketball throughout. He also showed a preference for art in his later years at Uni, joining both chorus and Boys' Ensemble in junior year. After Uni, Neville spent a brief time in the Army, before returning to the U of I to get a Master's in City Planning. He worked as Assistant to the Director of the Physical Plant in Urbana, before heading to Chicago in 1972 to become Director of Planning and Construction at the U of I Medical Center. In 1982, he retired from that job and joined his wife at Neville-Sargent Gallery to become co-owner. In 1992 he attended NYU for training on personal property and fine art appraising. He applied this knowledge to a supporting business of the Gallery.

Source: Uni 1996 Alumni Directory

Senior Quote

"Move over, Don Juan, Neville's here."

Club Membership

Boys' Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, County Music Festival, Football, Basketball, Track 

Notable Accomplishments

  • U of I Graduate

  • Co-owner of the Neville-Argent Gallery

  • Assistant to Director of the Physical Plant at Chicago

  • Director of Planning and Construction at the U of I Medical Center