uni 1940s
Josephine Lehmann Miser

Josephine Lehmann Miser, a member of the Class of 1937, was part of the first subfreshman class at Uni. During her Uni career, she was the vice president of the Girls’ Glee Club and a member of the Girl Reserves and Thimble Theatre Guild. She also played the piano in the school orchestra and was part of the senior class play.

Following graduation, Miser entered the University of Illinois at age 16, the youngest freshman woman at the time. There, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology before getting a Master’s degree in Child Development at the University of Minnesota. After completing graduate school, Miser worked in the Home Services Department in Chicago. From 1969 to 1979, she served as the coordinator for the day care licensing program in Connecticut. She also spent many years advocating AIDS treatment and research, even helping to found the Farmington AIDS task force in 1988.


Senior Quote

“Full of good humor and pep.”

Senior Prophecy

In the Uni yearbook senior prophecy, Miser was predicted to “spend the rest of her days in a convent.”

Community Service

Miser was active in volunteering and community service, dedicating her time to many committees and causes.


Miser had a passion for opera.