uni 1940s
Marie Borgotta

Before even attending Uni, Marie Borgotta had already set her eyes on the arts. When she was just 13 she won the national ivory soap carving competition. Uni supported her love for the arts as she participated in many plays and joined every art-themed activity she could. From acting in drama club to painting in art club and even singing in Glee Club. Beyond the arts, she was also a member of the Girl's Athletics Association and the Class Secretary for 3 Years. 

Once she left Uni High, Marie Borgotta attended Smith College and later received a Bachelor of the Fine Arts as one of Yale's first female sculpture students. After graduating from Yale she honed her sculpting skills in Jose de Creeft's studio. She was featured in many showcases including one at the Whitney Museum of Art. She also made art out of other materials including wood, metal, and paper all while raising her children. Marie Borgotta never lost her love of carving and even made sculptures well into her 90s as well as writing poetry.


Isabel Case Borgotta, Her Website



Senior Quote

"Sometimes from her eyes I did receive fair speechless messages"

Club Membership

Drama Club, Art Club, Glee Club, Picture Committee, Yearbook, G.A.A, and Student Council 

Notable Accomplishments

  • Accomplished Sculptor

  • Various Awards Related to Scultures 

  • Yale's First Female Sculptor Student

  • Smith College Graduate


"Particularly appreciate the finality of stone, the fact the that something you take-off cannot be put back. In other words, you can't raise the bridge. You have to keep lowering the river until you get it right"