Michael Bekiares ('92)

Michael Bekiares Senior Photo

Michael Bekiares was a graduating member of the Class of 1992. During his time at Uni, Bekiares was a member of the Madrigals. After graduating from Uni, Bekiares attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, earning his Bachelor’s in Economics. During his time at the UIUC, Bekiares was an exchange student at Senshu University in Tokyo for a year and a half. Later on, Bekiares returned to Japan again to receive his M.B.A. at Keio University. Since then, Bekiares has worked as a real estate finance analytics director for Shinsei bank, a supply chain manager for Amazon in Japan, and currently works with Rakuten as a data platform manager.


Michael Bekiares - Data Platform Manager - Rakuten | Linkedin.

Uni Clubs

During his time at Uni, Bekiares was a member of the Madrigals.

Residence in Japan

Bekiares has lived in Japan since 1999.


According to Bekiares’ Linkedin page, Bekiares has done the following while working at Rakuten.

  • Developed a system to extract brand information from sales data for external monetization

  • Established a data analytics help desk for 1000+ users and built a data catalog to support it

  • Ran a multi-team operation that optimized and extended the life of our $1m+/year data warehouse