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Joseph Smarr graduated from Uni as a member of the Class of 1998. During his time at Uni, Smarr was involved in a few extracurriculars, including Exploravision and Japan Club. 

Post-graduation from Uni, Smarr attended Stanford to receive both his BS and MS in Symbolic Systems. He then had a number of jobs and roles for the next 11 years, before reaching the Chief Technology Officer role at Plaxo. Smart currently works as the Senior Staff Software Engineer for Google, where he has been employed for nearly 12 years. 


Joseph Smarr - Senior Staff Software Engineer -

“About Me.” Joseph Smarr

Senior Quote

“You think you know me, but you haven’t got a clue”- The Beatles

Professional Accomplishments

Smarr co-founded the stories feature for Google Photos.


In his free time, Smarr enjoys playing electric guitar (rock, metal, and blues), soccer, and rollerblading.