Uni 1940s
Hugo Soskin

Often found on the third floor during his time at Uni, Hugo found an interest in the arts that still continues today.  After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1993, he took a job with a Chicago advertising agency for two years.  After two years on the job, things changed as Soskin wrote in his 1996 alumni bio "I decided to tip things up a bit and catapult myself into the world.  I landed in a place whose story has always riveted me. South Africa has stuffed more history into the last six years than most countries do in fifty. I had a great vantage point: current affairs television. Where to start? Cheering President Mandela at a local election rally in Alexandra township. Shaking hands with Archbishop Desmond Tutu after Easter Mass in Cape Town. Riding ostriches in the Karoo desert. The frenzy of South Africa's victory in the Africa Nations Cup soccer championships. Or the Truth Commission where ordinary South Africans rose to tell of Apartheid's misery and boldly etched it into the country's consciousness."

Since his time in South Africa, Soskin's worked as a Producer in New York.  His website bio reads: "Hugo is a content producer, with a focus in historical projects for television, museums and the web. His work has been shown on History, Smithsonian Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS, A&E, CNBC, and the Weather Channel. His work has also featured at the Statue of Liberty, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Modern Art."



Soskin., Hugo. Hugo Soskin. 

1996 University Laboratory High School Directory

Senior Quotes

"I want happiness and contentment and to live my life to the nth degree. I love what I do which is why I do so much" - Joan Collins

Club Membership

  • Madrigals
  • Orchestra
  • Tennis Club

Notable Accomplishments

  • Accomplished Sculptor
  • Various Awards Related to Scultures 
  • Yale's First Female Sculptor Student
  • Smith College Graduate

Theater Performance

Took part in A Midsummer Night's Dream his senior year.