George Gruschow ('95)

George Gruschow Senior Photo

George Gruschow was a member of the Uni High Graduating Class of 1995. During his time at Uni, Gruschow participated in Ping Pong Club his freshmen year, along with Science Olympiad when he was a sophomore. After graduating from Uni, Gruschow worked as a programmer at the US Army Corps of Engineers Research Lab while simultaneously earning his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois. 

Upon completing his education, Gruschow went on to work for Motorola before becoming a managing partner for Allston Trading, LLC from 2003 to 2008 and eventually the owner of Good Trading LLC. In addition to his innovations in algorithmic trading, Gruschow has also been a huge financial supporter of Uni. He was a co-donator of $200,000 back in 2010 which went towards 300 Macbook Laptops and 40 iPod Touches, allowing for a much better learning experience for students.


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Senoir Quote

“When I find out who’s been gnawing’ down all my allotted empty calories I’m gonna WHAP ‘EM with this bratwurst” - Bob, Bob and Dave

Uni Extracurriculars

  • Ping Pong Club

  • Science Olympiad

Current Occupation

Owner of Good Trading LLC