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Steven Blanke

Tom Jolly was a local hospital chaplain who was very active in community fine arts and athletic programs. He was the father of Uni alums Michelle Jolly, Class of 1984, and Doug Jolly, Class of 1990. This award is given to a graduating senior who, during his/her tenure at Uni, has exhibited outstanding moral, ethical, and spiritual qualities. The student should also have worked to strengthen the Uni community by bringing various groups, clubs or populations together in order to improve the community and understanding among the various elements of the Uni community and/or with groups outside of Uni. The recipient’s activities should have been as broad as possible during his/her time at Uni in order to reflect the full scope of the “Uni experience.”

  1. Mojgone Azemun
  2. Erin Grant, Marla Shoemaker
  3. Ellen Eischen
  4. Tim Ballard, Jeff Thorn
  5. Damian Marshall
  6. Amanda Smeltzer
  7. Matt Walczewski
  8. Hormodz Gahvari
  9. Tyson Masar
  10. Ben Leff, Jenny Bartlett
  11. Noah Zych
  12. Veronica Zych
  13. Teresa Sonka
  14. Ben LeRoy
  15. Josie Chambers
  16. Bianca Zaharezcu
  17. Zoe Schein, Ruthie Welch
  18. Daniel Borup
  19. Sian Best, Marista Mestre, Rachel Harmon
  20. Will Fernandez
  21. Sarah Yockey
  22. Wyatt Bensken, Kaila Simpson
  23. Sam LeRoy
  24. Claire Michael
  25. Beth Geistlinger
  26. Callie Bruce
  27. Kathryn Dullerud
  28. Anika Kimme
  29. Steven Blanke
  30. Danbi Choi
  31. Ella Greer