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Uni alums Virginia Brennan and Josephine Eden wrote the music and lyrics to Uni’s very first school song in 1922. Both students were heavily involved in leading their class—Eden served as Vice President of the Class of 1923, while Brennan was Class Secretary. Virginia Brennan was also involved in the Uni High Literary Society and wrote several essays and short stories to include in the 1923 edition of U & I, which was Uni’s original yearbook. Brennan and Eden collaborated to produce the first version of the school song, named "Illini High." The original song was later arranged for piano and voice by E. J. Schulz, who was the music appreciation, orchestra, and glee club faculty member. Uni’s second official song, "To the Orange and Blue," was written by Roberta Moore and Martha McCammon in 1922. Roberta Moore, who was a member of Uni High’s very first graduating class in 1922, also worked to produce the 1922 Edition of U & I and served as President of the Honorary Music Fraternity for Girls. Martha McCammon was a faculty member in the English department. The Class of 1925 published a collection with both "Illini High" and "To the Orange and Blue" in their Sophomore Year, called Songs and Yells of Uni High. The pamphlet includes Uni’s official yells, which were later used as chants for sporting events. Here is the official yell as written in 1922:

U of I! U of I!
High! Yi! Illini!
U of I High!

U N I High!
U of I, U of I!
U N I High! U N I High!