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Rowan Trilling-Hansen, 2022 Winner

June Mank was the bookkeeper for University High School from 1972-1988. She has served on the Champaign City Council since 1979. In her spare time she drives cancer patients for treatment, delivers meals on wheels, and serves on various neighborhood committees, plus church activities. This award is given to a student who most shares June' s supportive role in the interest of Uni High. The student may have a long-term commitment to a single project, a short-term commitment to a variety of projects, or is engaged in service to the school without being asked.

  1. Ruth Levy
  2. Juliette Dade
  3. Zivar Baker
  4. Phillip Lin
  5. Carl Crawford
  6. Laurel Herendeen
  7. Peter Folk
  8. Joy Vokac
  9. Shawn DeLaMar
  10. Shwayta Kukreti
  11. Jason Bant
  12. Peter Brokish
  13. Andy Mitas
  14. Chas Conway
  15. Melissa Hines
  16. Bob Monahan
  17. Anita Chary 
  18. Anna File
  19. Angelina Liang
  20. Madeleine Hamlin
  21. Eunice How
  22. Natsuki Nakamura
  23. Vivian Robison
  24. Amrutha Kumaran
  25. Wyatt Bensken
  26. Lara Orlandic
  27. Bruce Li
  28. Beth Geistlinger
  29. Grace Taylor
  30. Anna Ding
  31. Abraham Han
  32. Anya Kaplan-Hartnett
  33. Allie Kim
  34. Rowan Trilling-Hansen