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David Frankel Class of 1976

David Frankel is the thirty-fifth Max Beberman Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, and a member of the University of Illinois Laboratory High School class of 1976.  He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

David remembers the Computer-based Education Research Lab (PLATO) as the most influential tool he was provided at Uni High. He recalls, “that occupied all my time during my Uni days when I wasn’t attending class.” Inspired by the time spent in the lab, David established the David P. Frankel Learning Innovation Fund. The fund was launched in 2017 through his initial $100,000 donation and continues to thrive today, by not only David’s continued generosity, but also other charitable alumni and friends of the school.

The program supports Uni High’s laboratory school mission by providing funding for cutting edge technology. Support in this way ensures our students engage in optimal learning methods, and our faculty remain at the forefront of research and information. Today, the Frankel Scholars program is connecting Uni High students and faculty across the wider University of Illinois community.

After his time at the Uni High and the University of Illinois David worked in high-performance computer and networking technology. He founded Jetstream Communications, Inc. in 1994 which supplied voice-over packet technology to telecommunications carriers. In 2007 David founded ZipDX, a provider of specialty communication services. The ZipDX telemeeting platform solves problems that cannot be addressed with conventional solutions such as “high-value” situations that involve research, training, sensitive conversations, and decision-makers speaking different languages.

Since 2012 David’s focus has shifted to finding ways to mitigate illegal robocalls at their source – their initial entrance in the telephone network. He works collaboratively across the industry with regulators and enforcers and maintains a blog on the subject:

David currently resides in Utah after living and working in Silicon Valley for twenty-six years. He enjoys flying his airplane, a skill he learned at the University of Illinois’ Institute of Aviation.