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Coloring Book

When Director of Development, Marilyn Uppah-Bant, saw Harvard University's very own coloring book, she was inspired to make one for Uni. She put the order together and asked Uni art teacher, Ms. Evans, for an alum that might be interested in illustrating the book. Ms. Evans recommended Helen Miller, class of 2002. Evans described Miller as a “very good artist.” When the illustrations and accompanying information were completed, the book was published in the Spring of 2007.

The Coloring Book itself highlights the remarkable community of Uni. Some Uni alumni the coloring book mentions include George Will, Iris Chang, Dr. Francine “Penny” Patterson, and Frederick Marx as well as Nobel Prize winners Hamilton O. Smith, Philip W. Anderson, and James Tobin. The Coloring Book also discusses some of the history behind the doors of Uni.

What we don’t know exactly is who the book was made for, how it was distributed, the years it was worked on, or the process for deciding which alums to include. Given that the book was made within the Uni community, we assume that the book was intended for members of the Uni community.

coloring book preview