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The Colin Thorn award is presented to a non-student (parent, faculty member, staff or friend of Uni) whose unpaid, volunteer service demonstrates extraordinary dedication and service to the school over a substantial period of time. The Parent Faculty Organization (PFO) established this award several years ago in honor of Colin E. Thorn, who served for many years as an unpaid volunteer coach of the Uni High Boys soccer team. In addition to recognizing Colin Thorn's contribution to Uni, this award acknowledges the contributions of many volunteers to Uni's activities and programs.

  1. Colin Thorn
  2. Linda Brokish and Susan Marshall
  3. Chris Mair
  4. Richard Murphy
  5. Dan and Kim Kennedy
  6. Chris Merli and Donald Greeley
  7. Peter Folk, Paul Grayson, Sue and Mike Ciolli
  8. Chet Zych
  9. Susan Bruce and Bob Coverdill
  10. Richard and Susan Schnuer
  11. Janet LeRoy
  12. Kathy Marshak
  13. Del Suslick
  14. Pat Fernandez
  15. Irene Cooke
  16. Patricia Fernandez
  17. Irene Cooke
  18. Richard Murphy
  19. Tracey and Vic Malkovich
  20. Bob Coverdill and Karl Knox
  21. Dave Dickey
  22. Elizabeth and Barry Dickerson
  23. Melanie and Steven Michael
  24. Karl Radnitzer
  25. Ben Leff
  26. AJ Herzog
  27. Dave Bergandine