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Every month until October 2022 we will highlight 100 Uni alumni in the Class of the Century who have made valuable contributions in various fields. Look for those profiles on the website and via our school Twitter feed. #UniHigh100

November's theme is Technology & Engineering!


1930 Robert B. Watson Worked in tech and engineering for the Department of the Army until 1975.
1940 Philip Anderson Nobel Prize in Physics.
1935 James Tobin Nobel Prize in Economics.
1941 Warren F. Goodell Airborne Radar work at the MIT lab; PhD in experimental nuclear particle physics; served on local school boards and coordinated faculty/admin swap with Uni.
1957 Dr. David Hulett Recognized as a world expert in risk analysis, integrated cost-schedule risk analysis and project scheduling best practices; Hulett & Associates, LLC recognized as a leader in these fields.
1963 Barbara Lazarus Committed to promoting women and minorities in STEM; described Uni as where she "learned it was ok to be both a girl and smart."
1974 Blaine Garst Responsible for free Standardized UNIX (POSIX) operating system used by all shipping computers. Responsible for the Object-Oriented “interfaces”, a programable design abstraction used by Apple, copied into Java and .NET, that reshaped and spawned entire industries. As the supercritical Mac software architect, his code and designs power Apple everything (he knew Steve Jobs personally). Perennial AGORA teacher at UNI, got alumni association started, and the Makerspace (first 3d printer; taught by UofI professor), and $$$$ towards the Collaborative Classroom.
1977 Dr. James Ang Chief Scientist for Computing at Pacific Northwest National Labs; founded the Association for High-Speed Computing in 2009.
1982 Theodore Gray Co-founder of Wolfram Research; winner of the Ig Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2002.
1986 Prof. Rahul Pandharipande Accomplished mathematician and theoretical physicist.
1988 Dr. Shamit Kachru String theory specialist at Stanford University.
1988 Paul Debevec 2010 Scientific and Engineering Academy Award winner; techniques based on his work used in the Matrix movies, Superman Returns, Spider-Man 2 and 3, Avatar.
1998 Joseph Smarr Software engineer, developed stories feature for Google Photos.

Check back for more Class of the Century announcements and the full class as the event approaches.