A photo of Sasha

Sasha's senior photo

Alexander “Sasha Velour” Steinberg graduated from Uni in 2004. During her time at Uni, Steinberg was involved with many Uni extracurriculars, including theatre, the Habitat trip, Unique, Gay-straight alliance, Thespians, Peer college counseling, chorus, and madrigals.

After graduating from Uni, Steinberg began performing in drag, and became more formally known as Sasha Velour. She founded Velour, The Drag Magazine, which is a magazine about drag. In 2017, she competed in and won the ninth season of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race. In addition to competitions, Velour has been involved in a variety of films and shows, like the short film “Pirate Jenny”.


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Velour is gender-fluid and uses she/they pronouns when not in drag. Her drag persona, Sasha Velour, is referred to as "she."


Some of Sasha's nicknames in high school were Alex, Shasha, and Xander.

Magazine Features

Velour has appeared on the covers of Wussy Mag, Plastik Magazine, Bricks, and GayTimes.