Daniel Shapiro
Daniel Shapiro Senior Photo

Daniel Shapiro was a member of the graduating class of 1986. Shapiro was introduced to Uni when his older sister attended Uni a few years before him, and he cherished how Uni provided both the “social and academic high school experience” he was looking for. Shapiro was involved in many Uni extracurriculars, such as being captain of the basketball team, a member of the track team, and senior class president. Shapiro always enjoyed learning and thinking about how nations developed and interacted with each other in Uni history classes, which played a role in his eventual career in foreign policy relations.

After graduating from Uni, Shapiro attended WashU for two years, before transferring to Brandeis University to obtain his Bachelor’s degree. Following college, Shapiro worked in Washington (D.C.) for about a decade, holding roles including at the National Security Council. Shortly after, Shapiro was nominated to the position of Ambassador of the United States to the State of Israel, where he served for five and a half years. This role included tasks such as protecting US interests, negotiating with the Israeli government, organizing initiatives, and more. Shapiro is currently an advisor to the State Department, where he advises the Special Envoy for Iran. 


Interview with Shapiro

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Shapiro is fluent in Hebrew, which is useful in his line of work with Israeli relations.


Shapiro's hobbies include running, practicing Hebrew through reading/speaking it, and spending time with his kids and their hobbies.