Sophia Neely
Sophia Neely Senior Photo

ophia Neely was a member of the graduating Class of 1986. During her time at Uni, Sophia achieved a very accomplished basketball career. She led Uni High to a 19-5 record and Uni’s first IHSA Regional Championship in her senior year, where she had a game with 55 points and a game-winner. In addition, Neely was inducted into the Illinois basketball hall of fame in 2011. Today, there is still a banner hanging in Kenney Gym recognizing Neely’s membership in the Illinois basketball hall of fame.

After graduating from Uni, Neely attended Dartmouth, where she continued to play basketball for 4 years, winning 4 Ivy league titles. Currently, Neely works in academic advising and is also active in advocating for Trans people in sports. In addition, Neely runs a dissertation editing and coaching business called "Neely advising and coaching", where she advises people with writing their PhD dissertations.


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Interview with Sophia Neely


Uni Basketball

Neely was selected as a part of the 1st team all-state during her senior season.



Some of Neely’s hobbies include traveling, trying new sports, cooking, and word puzzles.