Senior Picture Mara Taub

Mara Taub was a member of the Uni High graduating class of 1956. During her time at Uni, Taub was highly involved in extracurricular activities. In particular, she participated in many fine arts activities like school plays, the Gargoyle, chorus, and Student Council. 

After finishing her education, Taub went on to serve as a Peace Corps teacher in the Philippines during the early 1960s before later coordinating the Coalition for Prisoners’ Rights and co-founding the Los Amigos program alongside Alicia Estrada-Flores in 2001. The Los Amigos program was dedicated to advocating for immigrant workers searching for jobs, along with providing food and warm clothing for them. The Coalition for Prisoners’ Rights and Los Amigos program later fell under the umbrella nonprofit group called Prison Project of Sante Fe which sends monthly newsletters to prisoners nationwide among many other things. 

When asked about her work, Taub said she was inspired to pursue this philanthropic area of work from her father--a first-generation Russian-American--who once said “What gives me the right to have something is that everyone has the same right”.


Ties to Uni

Leff was first introduced to Uni by his older sister, who attended Uni before him. After graduating, Leff then returned to Uni, where he currently teaches US history.

Subbie Year

Leff was just 4 foot 9 inches entering Uni as a subbie


Outside of teaching and grading work, Leff enjoys spending time with his kids, as well as watching spectator sports like football.