Shigeki Makino
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Known as Shagg, Makino graduated Uni in 1983 and stayed on campus at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he earned his Bachelor of Science-Computer Science and Engineering Degree in 1987. Three years later in March of 1990, Makino completed the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago where he earned his Masters of Business Administration, specializing in Finance.

Taken from the Psi Upsilon Newsletter, "At that time, I wrapped up my small investment management firm, Machtel, which I had started in college while at Psi U. Always had an avid interest in stocks since high school, and my MBA gave me an opportunity to pursue a career picking stocks with Fidelity Investments. So, I threw away the keys to my computer engineering degree from the U of I and my experience gained interning repeatedly at IBM and Andersen Consulting, and joined the Boston-based firm.

Fido, as it is referred to, gave me a list of companies, a phone, and said, “have at it!” Luckily for me, I was given responsibility for Cisco, immediately after its IPO and Microsoft right after the launch of Windows 3.0, and the rest is history. A monkey would have gotten those stocks right, and I did. I wasn’t long for the US, and with a fiance already working in Japan, I successfully planned a wedding in Chicago, a honeymoon en-route to Tokyo where I began work as an analyst for Fidelity covering technology.

All the shine from Cisco and Microsoft lasted long enough to enable me to become a fund manager after three years, quite a short tenure for the vaunted leap to fund manager. I managed Fidelity’s first onshore mutual fund in 1995, but moved with Fido to Hong Kong in 1996. I went on to manage a top-ranked Pacific Basin mutual fund while maintaining my Japan Fund duties. After the handover in Hong Kong, my family and I headed to London where I became Director of Research for European equities. There I coached and mentored about 50 analysts. Reuters named Fido’s European Research tops in Europe during my stay.

All along, I had aspirations to run global money, and in 2000, I returned to Boston with Putnam investments. In 2004, I became Chief Investment Officer for Global Core Equity where I am responsible for managing global equity portfolios."

Makino retired from the investment management industry in early 2011. He became a guest lecturer at Cornell’s Johnson School and served on a couple of start-up and charitable boards. In addition to his passion for traveling, food, culture, and history, Shagg competes in Masters Track & Field where he runs the 100m, 200m, and the 400m. Shagg was on the Gold Medal winning Team USA 4 x 400m relay team at the World Outdoor Championships in Brazil and the Gold Medal winning Team USA 4 x 200m relay team at the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Finland. Today, Makino is happily married and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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Senior Quote

"I remember when, as a child, I used to stop and stare, Looking in the sky, wondering how, did my life compare. So I found thru my desire, I could take it to the sky. Now, my heart can fly. Time moved on and then life and I became the best of friends. There's no limit to all the smiles in life. Life is a word you live. Strong as the vibes you give. Living in happiness is knowing that you've been blessed. Take it to the sky."

- Earth, Wind, and Fire 

Uni Extracurriculars

  • National Honor Society
  • Cross Country Team
  • Track and Field
  • Boys Basketball

Uni High Class Will

I", Shigeki Makino, leave my love for homework to William Jockush."