The Class of 2003

Kate Albin's senior photo

Kate Albin was a member of the graduating class of 2003. During her time at Uni, Albin was involved with many extracurriculars, including being president of the Students for a Better World club. Albin was also on the soccer and swimming teams, as well as involved with many theater plays and StudProd too. Albin recalls Uni as a place where she could thrive and mentioned that it has helped her be more confident later in life.

After graduating from Uni, Albin attended UIUC and majored in economics. Afterwards, she went to law school at the University of Florida, citing the nice weather as one of the reasons for her move. She studied abroad in Costa Rica, focusing on environmental law, and had the opportunity to go to Belize to negotiate grants for farmers. For the last ten years, Albin has been a worker's compensation lawyer, where she became the first female partner at her law firm.


Interview with Kate Albin

Uni Sports

Albin was on the Uni swim team for all four years, and it was also her favorite activity at Uni as well.


Albin has three kids, a six-year old and twin two-year olds.

Making an Impact

Albin became the first female partner at her law firm, where she has been working for the past ten years. Since then, there have been three more women who have become partners as well.


In her free time, Albin enjoys working out, reading, swimming, and spending time with her kids.