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Robert Watson

Robert Watson, also known as Bob Watson, was a part of the graduating class of 1930. During his time at Uni, he was highly involved with the school’s community. Watson was a part of the Hi-Y club, Thimble Theater Guild, and Senior Play Committee, along with being the Class Treasurer his senior year. 

After finishing his education with a PhD in Physics from Harvard University, Watson went on to become an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Texas where he was also a part of the university’s Defense Research Laboratory. He stayed there until 1960 when he was offered a position at the United States Department of Army where he served as Chief of Physics, Electronics & Mechanics Branch, Physics & Engineering Science Division, and Office Research & Development until 1975.

Sources: University of Texas Robert Barden Watson April 14, 1914–June 4, 1995. UTPhysicsHistorySite. (n.d.).

Senior Quote

"Comb down his hair; look! Look! It stands upright."

Senior Prophecy

"Bob Watson is a big hair tonic manufacturer. Bob took pity on the poor birds who were not endowed with locks like his."

Post-Uni Education

University of Illinois - AB 1934

UCLA - MA 1936

Harvard University - PhD 1941


Bob Watson