Uni Building in the 1940s
Herbert Mumford Jr.

Herbert "Junior" Mumford Jr. entered Uni as a freshman. During his time at Uni, he showed a large understanding of business, serving as both the business manager for the senior play and yearbook. After graduating from Uni High, he continued to use his business abilities and studied and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Agriculture and Agricultural Economics. 

Mumford Jr. used his business abilities in his professional life as he owned a Dairy Farm in Montgomery County and worked for the United States Department of Agriculture for 32 years during which he served as an Agricultural Attache to Ecuador for two years. During his career, he wrote 45 books on agricultural economics before retiring to Maryland. On January 3, 2009, he died from pneumonia in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

News-Gazette, The. “Herbert Mumford Jr.” Gazette, 3 Feb. 2009

Senior Will

Herbert Mumford, "Leaves his business ability to Carleton Johnson, and in case he does not accept, to Lawrence Seymour"

Club Membership

Hi-Y Club, Dramatic Club, Swimming Club, Track, and the Senior Year Play

Notable Accomplishments

  • Published over 45 books on agriculture 

  • Attache to Ecuador for 2 years

  • University of Illinois graduate