uni 1940s
Shirley Roberts

Shirley was an active member of many clubs during all 5 of her years at Uni. She enjoyed music and dancing as she joined clubs ranging from Cowboy Dancing, Music Appreciation, and the Girl Scouts. She was a natural leader and was elected to the student council. 

After graduating she attended Nursing School. After which she moved to Colorado in order to work at a hospital. Just 10 years after graduating she used her nursing skills in the Air Force where she was later deployed to the Vietnam War where she became a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force Nurse Corps. During the Vietnam War, she received the nickname "Shirley J from Cam Rahn Bay". In 1972 Shirley J. Roberts retired from Air Force. She then moved back to Colorado and worked specializing in mental health, and supported local charities. 

Senior Quote

"When a woman is speaking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes”

Club Membership

Social Dancing, Industrial Arts, Girl Scouts, G.A.A, Typing Club, Dramatics, Cowboy Dancing, and Music Appreciation Club 

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Nurse Corps 

  • Nominated for the Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing