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Milo Ketchum

Milo Ketchum is an influential civil engineer who attended Uni from 1923-1927. Ketchum was known to be a bit of a jokester; for example, during sophomore year when a classmate chronicled the history of the Class of 1927, she noted, "Milo Ketchum doesn't fall over backwards in algebra class [anymore]." He also seemed to be naturally in positions of power, serving as treasurer sophomore year and president junior year, as well as being Business Manager for the Thimble Theatre Guild, president of the Hi-Y Club, and on the Senior Committee his senior year. He also seems to have been uninterested in most of Uni's clubs until later in his high schooling years, attending Orchestra and Hi-Y Club junior year and Thimble Theatre Guild during his senior year. 

After high school, Ketchum got a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois. He would move on to become an influential supporter of thin-shell concrete in buildings. While not an architect, his influence was widespread throughout his home state of Colorado.


"Milo Ketchum Jr." by: Richard G. Weingardt

Senior Quote

"I stand on the brink of a great career. Will someone please shove me off?"

Most Known For

His advocation for thin-shell concrete design and engineering assistance on many buildings.

Notable Accomplishment

  • Graduated Uni - 1927

  • Bachelors Degree - 1931

  • Master's Degree - 1932

  • Assisting on a variety of buildings in Colorado 1942-1962

  • Professor at the University of Connecticut at Stors 1967-1980