uni 1940s
Willburt Ham

Wilburt D Ham was a member of the Uni High graduating Class of 1933. During his time at Uni, Ham was a member of many Uni student clubs, including Dramatic club, Hi-Y club, class vice president, and orchestra. 

After graduating from Uni, Ham attended UIUC, earning a BS in Accountancy. He then continued to receive his Master’s at Harvard. Ham then began to teach at several institutions for many years, also publishing several articles too. Ham was the Director of Research at the University of Kentucky and was inducted into the UK Rosenberg College of Law Hall of Fame.


Students called Ham “Uncle Burt”

Theatre plays!

Ham was a theatre enthusiast and participated in many school plays in his time at Uni, including “You Can’t Break It”, “The High Heart”, “Take my Advice”, “Milestones”, “You and I”, “Hamlet”, and “Alice in Wonderland”