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William Lazarus, a member of the class of 1966, entered Uni as a sophomore after taking an accelerated program at his first high school. Lazarus was very active at Uni, singing in mixed chorus, photographing for the yearbook, and reporting for the Gargoyle (Uni’s newsletter). He also served in a leadership position as the Boys’ Representative on the Student Council. Lazarus loved Uni dearly, in particular appreciating the freedom of expression allowed at the school and the welcoming atmosphere. He enjoyed playing four square in front of Uni and listening to music in the senior lounge.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Chicago in 1970, Lazarus traveled throughout the midwest teaching transcendental meditation. He later studied at and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and began working for the United States Department of Justice in 1984. As a staff attorney, Lazarus handled appeals in the Appellate Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division. In 1997, he became an Assistant Chief of his office, overseeing a subset of its cases and assigning cases to attorneys. Lazarus remains in this position today.


Billy Lazarus -

Senior Quote

“I give up.”


Lazarus had a home darkroom where he would sometimes stay up all night developing negatives.


Lazarus studied philosophy as a graduate student at Harvard University for a year before going into law school.