Frederick's Senior Photo

Frederick Marx was a member of the graduating Class of 1973. During his time at Uni, Marx was both the Student Council vice president and a member of SFAC. In addition, Marx played on the basketball team during his freshman, junior and senior years, and was a team co-captain as well.

After graduating from Uni, Marx began working in the film industry as an independent filmmaker. Marx has worked with disadvantaged and misunderstood communities including people of color, abused children, the working poor, welfare recipients, prisoners, and more, creating films that appreciates multiculturalism and empathy for disadvantaged people. One of Marx’s most widely recognized films is Hoop Dreams (1994), which is a documentary about two African-American high school students and their dreams to become NBA players.


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Uni Clubs

Marx was a part of Uni Student Council as well as the basketball team


Marx is able to speak German and some Mandarin-Chinese

New York Film Festival

Hoop Dreams (1994) was the first documentary ever chosen to close the New York Film Festival