Emer's Senior Photo

Dr. Emer Broadbent's goal in life was always to help others. Even when he was a young high schooler at Uni High he set aside time and energy into helping other people. During his freshmen year at Uni, he became the class president for that year. Besides being a student representative he was an active member of many clubs including Chrous, Orchestra, Madgrigals, Yearbook, and other art-related pursuits. In his senior year, he volunteered as a member of the Orientation Committee which handles the Orientation Picnic and the Orientation Dance (Howdy Hop) during which he sought to make ease the harsh transition from summer freedom to the difficulties of school.

Dr. Broadbent continued his education at the University of Illinois where he obtained his Ph.D. For his Ph.D. he wrote his dissertation on the discrimination experienced by those with disabilities and where and how improvements could be made. This became a running theme in his life as when he became an Assistant Professor at Memphis University he mentored many disabled students and worked selflessly to help others for many years. 


UofI Yearbooks

Emer Broadbent, Linkedin

Vocational outcomes of university-educated persons: A comparison of persons with and without disabilities, IDEALS

Senior Quote

"There is no heavier burden than a great potential." (Charlie Brown)

Club Membership

Many Plays, Student Theater Art Group, Orchestra, Chrous, Model UN, and Madrigals

Notable Accomplishments

  • Accomplished Sculptor
  • Various Awards Related to Scultures 
  • Yale's First Female Sculptor Student
  • Smith College Graduate