Ben Leff
Leff's senior photo

Ben Leff was a member of the graduating class of 2001. Leff was first introduced to the Uni community while attending Uni events with his older sister, who attended Uni before him. While at Uni, Leff was an enthusiastic participant in many extracurriculars. Leff played many sports at Uni, including soccer, basketball, and baseball. Leff also loved being an editor for the Gargoyle as well as a member of Student Council. At Uni, Leff also won various awards as well, including the male athlete of the year during his senior season, and the Tom Jolly award, which was also given out by the athletic department.

After graduating from Uni, Leff attended Brown University, where he decided to pursue history. After earning a Master’s degree in history, he went on to work at Kaplan where he discovered his love for teaching. He eventually became a manager at Kaplan, training other teachers as well. Since then, Leff has worked as the US History teacher at Uni High, where he shares the joy of learning with current students. 


Interview with Ben Leff

Ties to Uni

Leff was first introduced to Uni by his older sister, who attended Uni before him. After graduating, Leff then returned to Uni, where he currently teaches US history.

Subbie Year

Leff was just 4 foot 9 inches entering Uni as a subbie


Outside of teaching and grading work, Leff enjoys spending time with his kids, as well as watching spectator sports like football.