Balazs Bognar ('96)

Balazs Bognar Senior Photo

Balazs Bognar was a member of the graduating class of 1996. Since childhood, Bognar has always been interested in drawing and even won the superlative of “Most artistic” in his class. One of Bognar’s first memories of Uni was orientation, and he recalls welcoming seniors at the event. During his time at Uni, Bognar participated in many extracurriculars, including sports like cross country. In addition, he also participated in engineering competitions, which was a factor contributing to his later career path in architecture. 

Bognar has worked in Japan for the past 14 years, where he is a Partner at Kengo Kuma & Associates. Bognar does a lot of culturally significant projects, institutional work, and also works as both a designer and mentor for others. In addition, Bognar also oversees a lot of the work his team does. Below are some photos of buildings and places that Bognar has helped to design. 

Sources: Interview with Balazs Bognar

Portland Japanese Garden - Photo by Jeremy Bittermann

Portland Japanese Garden - Photo by Jeremy Bittermann

Amanpuri Retail Pavilion - Photo by Aman

Amanpuri Retail Pavilion - Photo by Aman

Fun Fact

Bognar entered Uni as a subbie after finishing 6th grade, skipping 7th grade 

Uni Extracurriculars

Bognar was a part of many extracurriculars, including cross country, track, footbag club, yearbook club, and students for a better world.


Some of Bognar’s hobbies include collecting records, reading, traveling, and drawing