The SSAT is the examination Uni uses to help assess an applicant’s verbal, quantitative, reading, and writing aptitude which help predict the applicant’s ability to do the work at Uni. Registration for the SSAT is online at

SSAT offers a study guide (Preparing and Applying) for prospective applicants. The guide includes a full-length practice test, review tips and exercises, sample answer sheets, and test-scoring instructions. The test-taker can order this guide when they register for the test or use the order form of the SSAT Student Registration Guide. The cost is $37.

Applicants for the SUBFRESHMAN class must take the middle level of the SSAT. Test dates for SUBFRESHMAN admission are October 13, November 10, December 8, January 5, and February 2. SSAT scores taken before the 6th grade will not be considered.

Applicants for grades 9-11 must take the upper level of the SSAT. Test dates for HIGH SCHOOL admission are October 13, November 10, December 8, January 5, February 2, and March 2.

If an applicant has taken the SSAT more than once, the admission committee will consider only the test results from the last test date unless the committee receives a written request to use earlier scores.

The test registration fee is $139. Sign up after the original registration deadline is an additional $45. Rush registration is an additional $85. Fee waivers are available for eligible families (e.g. those individuals who qualify for free/reduced lunch). To determine if the applicant is eligible for a fee waiver for the SSAT, email Dr. Jeanette Nuckolls at For additional information about the SSAT, testing disability accommodations, or Sabbath Sunday accommodations, contact Dr. Jeanette Nuckolls,

The University of Illinois Laboratory High School recognizes that grades and test scores alone do not tell the whole story of its applicants. Uni is a place that cares not only about its students cognitive skills in academic areas, but also is a place where students can enrich and develop their curiosity, teamwork, initiative, responsibility, resilience, self-control, open-mindedness, and social awareness – those skills that carry them forward into a successful life. That is why we are asking you to complete the Character Skills Snapshot as part of the application. It will provide us with richer information and more holistic information about the applicant and identify areas in which Uni can provide opportunities where the student can thrive in a community that embraces academics, extra-curricular, and social activities.

When registering for the SSAT, make sure that you request your scores be sent to University Laboratory High School (code number 7820). Uni will not accept unofficial score reports from the applicant.

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