More information about our language program
We offer 5 languages (German, Spanish, French, Latin, and Japanese). Each language has a 4-year program. The graduation requirement is to complete two consecutive years of one language and most students complete all 4 years.

There are not multiple sections of any of our courses. At the first year level, we strive to maintain a balance across our five languages and keep our class sizes limited. We try to maintain that balance throughout the levels.

Applicants should carefully rank their language on the application choices from 1 (most desired) to 5 (least desired). We cannot guarantee your first choice. If you are admitted, you will be placed in a language and notified of that placement.

We try to put new students in their first or second choice language while trying to keep course numbers reasonable. We may need to assign students to third or fourth choice languages.

We often find that while a student’s initial reaction to not getting their first choice language may be disappointment, after a few days in class interacting with the teacher and peers and the new material, that feeling ebbs away and satisfaction sets in.

Prior language experience:

Subfreshmen (8th graders):

If a student has a year of prior experience with one of the languages we offer, they can choose that language as one of their top choices to continue to build a solid foundation. They will still be assigned to the first-year language section.

If a student has more than a year of prior language experience, we ask that they select a new language. Students have the option of adding a second language as a sophomore, and at that time the student could choose to continue the previous language.

Example: if a student has been taking Spanish for 4 years already, it would be better to put Spanish as choice 5 and select another language as they start at Uni. They could come back to Spanish later, after having a placement test and conversation with the Spanish teacher in order to determine which level would be a match for them at that point.

Transfer students (9-11):

If a transfer student has already met Uni High’s graduation requirement of two consecutive years of a foreign language, they do not need to continue, but they are still encouraged to do so if they wish. If they want to continue, a placement test will be required.

There is a slight possibility that a spot might not be available in that language due to a limited class size, so we will ask transfer students to indicate alternate language choices as well.

If a transfer student chooses to start a new language, they will be enrolled in a course with subfreshmen at level 1.