During the summer of 2020 all face to face classes at U of I were cancelled due to the Covid 19 Virus. Therefore, we migrated online. High school educators joined us for a FREE intensive ONLINE professional development opportunity blending design research, design thinking and case study exploration.

The course will investigate design research methods based on the book, The Pocket Universal Methods of Design and introduce design case studies utilizing the book, Iconic Design: 50 Stories About 50 Things. The design research method utilized in human centered design and its application within high school curriculums will provide a core of implementable design thinking activities for teachers.

Although there are many online design courses available, DTPSS classes are tailored specifically to the needs, opportunities and constraints of the secondary school teacher. Our goal is that participants will come away with ideas for design activities that could be implemented into their high school design curriculums.

Past courses and colloquiums have addressed topics such as Computer Assisted Design, Human Centered Design, and Rapid Prototyping for Package Design and Lighting Design. Design Thinking and Process for Secondary School, or DTPSS, is the Umbrella name for the program.

  • Instructor:  Cliff Shin, Associate Professor, School of Art and Design
  • Details:  Lisa Evans, DTPSS Facilitator levans@Illinois.edu
  • Made possible by the David Frankel Fund.

Design Thinking and Process for Secondary School Contact List

DTPSS 20 is a collaboration between University Laboratory High School
and the Industrial Design program in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois.