DREAAM House and Uni High began their partnership in the Fall of 2018. Ana Rosu (class of 2019) was completing her Gender Studies service learning hours by tutoring at DREAAM House on a weekly basis. She wanted to further this partnership by creating opportunities to bring DREAAM House students to Uni. She began by organizing a Wednesday afterschool visit where DREAAM House students examined Mr. Stone’s tarantulas and performed Chemistry experiments with Mr. Bergandine. From that point on, various clubs hosted Wednesday afterschool visits for the rest of the school year. DREAAM House students learned about finance with the Finance Club, made chalk drawings with the National Art Honor Society, created flags with Model UN, designed and tested popsicle stick bridges with Community Education Outreach Program, designed robots with EnLiST, and interacted with many other groups and participated in many other activities.

In our fourth year of this partnership, we continue hosting DREAAM House visits and hope to deepen our connections with the students and the organization.

If you or your club is interested in volunteering or hosting a Wednesday afterschool visit, please contact Kathy Rodems (

Article on Partnership: Uni High Students Bolster Local African-American Boys' Journey on the College Pipeline