Order Phalangida

Daddy Long-legs or Harvestmen

Home Class Arachnida

Size: Small, usually under 12 mm Antennae: Not present
Diet: Other arthropods, plant juices, and dead animals Mouthparts: Chelicerae
Habitat: Forests, fields, crop fields, in houses Legs: Four pairs, usually thin and elongated, second pair is longest
Morphology: Young are similar in appearance to adults Front Wings: Not present
Segmentation: Have a fused cephalothorax and abdomen, appearing to only have one segment Hind Wings: Not present
Distinctive Characteristics and Behaviors:

          While harvestmen are often considered to be spiders, they are not.  The young over-winter as eggs and hatch in the spring in the north, while the adults over-winter in the south.  Males are smaller than females and have longer legs.







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