Connecting to the Uni High Server From Home

Welcome to the website for our Computer Literacy 2 project. This site contains instructions to connect to the Uni High servers from home for six operating systems. Select your system from the navigation bar above, follow our simple instructions, and you'll have all of your files at your fingertips in just minutes.

The instructions on this website will connect you to the Goddard server through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is a safe connection between two computers that allows people to share files. In order to access files saved on the Uni server, you have to connect to CITES VPN, the network maintained by the University of Illinois.

After connecting to the VPN, you can actually get on to the Goddard server. On a Mac, this is done using a Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. SMB allows you to connect directly to the volumes on Goddard and open, edit, and save files from them. On a Windows, this is accomplished by mapping a network drive.

Below are several frequently asked questions that can help you if you have problems connecting. Any other questions can be emailed to


Is there a charge for using VPN?

No, the connection is completely free to sign up for and use.

Do I have to use the VPN software in order to connect to UIUC Wireless?

No, you can use UIUC QuickConnect to connect to UIUC Wireless. The VPN software is not necessary for connecting it to UIUC Wireless.

How long can I stay connected to the VPN server?

The total time you can stay connected is 24 hours. If the connection is not in use, the connection logs you out in 90 minutes.

How do I uninstall the CITES VPN configuration settings on a Windows computer?

If you want to uninstall for any reason, go to the control panel. Go to add/remove programs and then click CITES VPN from the list of installed programs. Choose the Change/Remove button that appears beneath the selected item and follow the computer's prompts in order to remove the configuration settings.