Ctrl-Z is a local robotics team that consists of middle school and high school students from all over the Champaign County. The team's overall mission is to inspire the next generation of kids to be science and technology leaders by incorporating students into programs and workshops that help them develop science and technology skills. Besides skills in those fields, Ctrl-Z also helps students develop important life skills such as communication, confidence, and leadership.

Ctrl-Z is a student run organization that depends little on their mentors, despite how important they are to the team. Students are expected to help teach and learn from each other in order to further develop and apply their acquired skills. They also try to teach and inspire children to appreciate technology through summer camps, school workshops, communal demonstrations and competitions. Students who want to partake in the group are not required to have any experience with robotics or coding. Unexperienced members are trained by mentors and fellow students on software and mechanical aspects of robotics, bringing them to be able to complete tasks needed for their project. These training workshops enable members to further develop their knowledge as well as join and enjoy in activities and competitions.

Competitions are important to the team and is where most of Ctrl-Z's work and efforts are best seen. Every year, the group is given a challenge by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). The team's objective is to build a robot that will complete said challenge in the fastest and most efficient way. The students love to build these robots, but for them, it’s not just about robots.

Students who have questions or are interested in being a part of Ctrl-Z should contact contact@team4096.org.
More information about the group can be found at: http://team4096.org/

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