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The best of 2011: The top ten fashion trends of the year

Illustration by Gloria Ha. The Gargoyle presents the best of 2011 in all sorts of categories.

2011 has been a busy year for Uni, the United States, and the world. The Gargoyle Staff has collected the most memorable moments, events, and cultural artifacts of the year. Print our list and put it in your time capsule or just read for enjoyment. Happy 2012!

Top Ten Fashion Trends of 2011

10. Color Blocking and Bold Colors
This trend was really big last year, but some people took it too far. Don't get me wrong, color blocking and bright, bold colors can look great. However, you don't want to look like someone threw up a rainbow of highlighters on you.

9. Brightly Colored Pants
Following the colorful trends, pants stepped up their game last year. They ventured from the safe realm of blue jeans and neutrals to a dizzying land of colors. Along with the colors came a new array of fits, the most noteworthy being the revival of 1970s-style high-waisted, flared pants.

Sophomore Jaki Vipond displays her bright pink pants. Photo by Alana Rosenbaum.

8. Sequins, Metallics, and Glitter
Sequins, metallics, and glitter galore were standout trends last fall. In addition to looking great, wearing lots of sparkles gives a great excuse to wear sunglasses in winter. After all, you can't let yourself get blinded from your own glittering brilliance! I would, however, caution you against wearing your metallic jumpsuit to the airport. Those metal detectors can't tell the difference between terrorists and fashionistas.

7. Mixed Prints and Textures

Mixing prints and textures was also big in 2011, but not all prints are meant to be combined. There are very few instances in which it is appropriate to look like Tacky the Penguin. Unless it is Halloween, please do not leave your house wearing every printed item you can find.

Floral prints in particular were popular this year. Flowers ranged from miniscule marigolds and dainty daisies to large lilies and huge hydrangea.

In addition to floral, tribal prints also made their mark.

Picture: Tacky's brilliance does not extend to his fashion sense. Photo courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

6. Fur & Feathers

Just no.

There is something completely wrong with this trend. I'm not a big fan of fur, but a little can be okay. Cotton candy colored fur, on the other hand, looks completely unnatural. If you want to wear a fur jacket that makes you look like the Easter Bunny meets Binky the Clown, go for it. You're sure to turn heads!

Feathers, on the other hand, are acceptable in most cases. Feather skirts in particular look nice. Feather boas, on the other hand, are something I have not wanted since my younger years of dress-up.

5. Menswear-Inspired
The menswear-inspired look (oxford shoes, blazers, tuxedos, etc.) was big this year, and I have to say that my favorite parts about it are oxford shoes and blazers. Blazers can make any outfit look classy and oxford shoes work with anything.

4. Sheer and Lace
Sheer and lace items are so versatile and classy. As long as you're not wearing a completely sheer outfit, it is safe to leave your house wearing a few sheer and lacy items.

3. High-Low
Hemlines were brought to the next level last year, ending at different lengths in the front and back. This style can look pretty good. However, I always have to wonder if this style was created through a horrible accident involving scissors or fire or aliens which turned out to be not-so-horrible after all.

Picture: Sophomore Niyah Jackson shows off her skirt with a high-low hemline. Photo courtesy of Niyah Jackson.

2. Cold Shoulders
If you're okay with literally having cold shoulders (hey, it is all in the name of fashion, right?) then go right ahead and wear this. One tip I have for you, however: don't try to DIY this style and hack away at the shoulders of your favorite shirt. This will not make it even cuter. It will look like your neighbor's dog chewed it.

1. Knit Sweaters

The ever popular knit sweater is back again this winter to combat the cold weather. In 2011, the trend with these sweaters seemed to be the chunkier, the better. Whenever I see someone sporting a particularly large and bulky sweater, I can't help but get a mental image of a person drowning in a sea of sweater. So when bundling up in an over-sized, comfy sweater, make sure you look like a person in a sweater, not a faintly twitching, possibly breathing pile of sweater.

Picture: Sophomore Megan James models her knit sweater. Photo by Alana Rosenbaum.