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What Would Happen if People Didn’t Recycle?

Image by Gargoyle Junior Reporters (click to enlarge)Paper waiting to be compacted.

By: Saahithi

If no one in the world ever recycled, the world would be in great danger. Without recycling, there is the risk that our homes and habitats could be destroyed, we may not have any more everyday resources, and people could die of toxic gases and even the horrible stink of trash.

Experts warn that by the year 2018 at the latest, the United Kingdom will have run out of space to bury its waste. Recycling is a method of reusing materials already created in the world. The effects of not recycling are detrimental to our environment and our health.
Products that are not recycled are redirected to landfills where they are kept in the hopes that they will disintegrate back into the earth.

As an excess of garbage develops in landfills, the smell of the trash can be toxic which can be dangerous to the lungs of humans, eventually causing death. Scientists also think the waste in landfill sites are responsible for releasing 700 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air.

If people don’t recycle, the earth’s water will be dirty with all the garbage, leaving people with nothing to drink.

The most important reason to recycle is most probably because if people don’t recycle, everyday resources will soon disappear. If everyday resources become scarce, prices for the products would go up.

Since the waste going to landfills emits greenhouse gases, the greenhouse gas emission would increase, which would pollute the environment.
Another issue is that when people don’t recycle they incinerate, which means that it is burned to ashes. The ashes produce a toxic gas, which pollutes the air.

The ozone layer is another problem in not recycling. The ozone layer protects the environment from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The fumes that are released from the trash go into the ozone layer, which can diminish it. Without the ozone layer, the ultraviolet rays can cause lung damage to humans and can even destroy the environment.

The effects of not recycling can be very dangerous to the eco system and to the health of all living things. That’s why it is very important to recycle.