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Prom '10: Creative ways to ask your potential prom date

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Gargoyle photo by Kahlilah Cooke (click to enlarge) After being serenaded with a viola, how could anyone say no? If you want the same result, keep reading. Below are 15 ideas that will ensure that no one could possibly reject you.

GETTING A DATE is incontestably the most intimidating and distressing aspect of prom. Whom to ask, how to ask it, what to say, and when to say it — the important questions that lurk behind the biggest question of all: Will he or she accept?

There's a good chance that your potential partner is also fretting about what to do. He or she will probably be relieved that someone has asked them to prom, hopefully in what will be the most creative way this year.

Of course, no one could rival the famous "Will you go to prom with me?" that then-junior Nathan Smith wrote on bed sheets and hung on Uni's balcony for classmate Tuli Bera last year. Regardless, below are some ideas that might corner or inveigle your future date into saying yes.

1. Locker Sign
If you're really tight for time and creativity, consider just typing a nice sign and surprising your prospective date by placing it in their locker. Not only do you avoid face-to-face contact, you have the chance to keep it private.

2. Fortune Cookie
If your potential date is superstitious, give them a fortune cookie with your specialized message saying, "You will go to prom with [your name]." They'll be sure to comply.

3. Baked Goods
If you're a baking fiend and your potential partner loves brownies and cookies, either bake them something delicious and attach a heartfelt note, or form the cookies into the word "Prom?" If you're turned down, you'll be able to recuperate by repossessing and eating your scrumptious treats.

4. Library Book
If your potential date spends a lot of time in the library, consider giving them a call number for a book in which you can leave your message scrawled between the pages. You can even leave a flower behind the book. I know some pretty ladies who work in the library …

5. Hangman
Play hangman, spelling out "prom" or "Will you go to prom with me?" Don't use this method with the alphabetically or hangman-playing challenged.

6. Crossword Puzzle
There are a lot of free online programs that will create a crossword puzzle for you. Hide your message and see what they say! Make sure your potential date is clever enough to complete the puzzle. You can also try making your own jigsaw puzzle.

7. Chocolate-Flower Routine
Thinking of sending flowers to your potential prom date, as well as chocolate to sweeten the question? Boring. You might, however, spice this idea up by using an edible arrangement of chocolate flowers.

8. Write a Song
If your talent is music, whip up a simple song that will serenade your prom interest! If you're brave, sing it publicly, and your date will embarrass themselves by rejecting you.

9. Rubik's Cube
Get a Rubik's Cube, write "Will you go to prom with me?" on its faces, and scramble it up. If your target took the Agora class on how to solve a Rubik's Cube, they should have no trouble solving the cube. We do go to Uni, after all.

10. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt
Surely many plastic Easter eggs and candies are still available. For those who are poetic, you can write couplet clues and put them with a piece of candy in colorful eggs all over the school! The last egg could lead to you.

11. YouTube Video
If you plan to be a director, practice your film skills on creating a videotaped skit or short video asking your potential partner. You can ask a teacher to play it in a class you share if you are adventurous!

12. Chalk Routine
Write "Prom with me?" on a chalkboard where one of their classes take place. Or, if you aren't afraid to seem a little stalkerish, go to their house and write it in chalk on their driveway. Make sure their parents don't hate you.

13. String
Get a long string and tape it to their locker. Then run everywhere and anywhere with the string, and at the end of it leave a message asking them to prom, or wait there for them. You can tape cute messages to the string to encouraging them to keep going.

14. Calculator Messages
Steal your potential partner's calculator and type in "PROM?" and wait for them to do their dreaded calculus. If you're really clever, program the calculator to repeat the message endlessly to inculcate your victim into agreement.

15. Ripping a Shirt Off
If your prospective date loves Superman, consider writing the word "Prom?" on your chest and then during class rip your shirt off and "save" your potential partner. If you're a girl, you can wear a bathing suit underneath, and if you still get in trouble, sue the school. I expect at least one person to do this.

And, of course, should any of these ideas not appeal, you can always fall back on the classic, simple, "Will you go to prom with me?" face to face. Be sure and check out sophomore Nikita Dutta's prom preview article to make sure you know the details before asking your prospective date.

As some last pointers, if you really want to make your date feel special, try to surprise them. Don't broadcast that you are going to ask them.

And speaking of things you shouldn't broadcast, make sure your date candidate doesn't know if you've asked someone before them.

Don't publicly ask someone unless you're fairly sure they will say yes. For those of you who are already dating someone, ask them anyway — it's a good way to appreciate your beloved.

In the end, relax and don't worry — it's just prom, and the worst thing that could happen is that they'll utter a mumbling "no," and you can find a better, more attractive, and more agreeable date. Now get out there and get asking!