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The VMAs: Taylor Swift, amazing. Kanye West, jerk. Lady GaGa, um …

It has been more than two weeks since the whole Kanye West-Taylor Swift drama. I am really surprised that no one has written anything about it yet, although the OG did run a poll. So I took some time out of my lazy weekend to express my opinion on this ridiculous moment.

I, unfortunately, was not able to watch the VMAs live, but 30 minutes after the awards show started, about 10 of my friends texted me something along the lines of, “OMG, did you just see Kanye? What an (insert expletive)!!!”

I quickly dove across my living room and turned on my trusty DVR, which was recording the VMAs, and started watching it from the beginning.

It started out with a touching tribute to Michael Jackson by Madonna, and was followed by a medley of performances of the King of Pop's greatest hits ("Thriller," "Bad," "Smooth Criminal," and "Scream" with Janet Jackson).

Then there was Katy Perry attempting to rock it out with “We Will Rock You.” Fast forward. The host, who was some British bloke with a scratchy voice and extremely awkward sexual comments, came on. Fast forward x 4.

Shakira and Taylor Lautner finally come on to present the first award: best female video.
Being a diehard Taylor Swift fan, I was humming "You Belong With Me" as all the nominees were announced. I kept waiting for this Kanye thing.

As soon as the "She Wolf" and Jacob the Werewolf announced Taylor Swift as the winner, I did a little victory dance and grabbed my remote to fast forward to the big drama moment from Kanye West.

As if on cue, the rapper appeared on stage, grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift, who was giving thanks to her amazing fans (like me), and said those infamous words.

My reaction was the same as Taylor’s …

But then I screamed at my TV, “KANYE YOU SUCK.” And a bunch of other things I am sure aren’t school appropriate.

Kanye West is a real jerk. I mean, I do think that Beyonce is great and her "Single Ladies" dance is pretty amusing. But it really wasn’t necessary for Kanye to be so rude to Taylor. She’s 19 and has already singlehandedly dominated the music industry this past year. T-Swizzle definitely deserved that award.

Anyway, much to Kanye’s wish, Beyonce won three awards that night including video of the year.

The day after this controversy I was doing some hardcore discussing with my friends. One suggested that it was all just an act. Some of you might recall the Eminem-Bruno incident at the MTV Movie Awards this year. At first I thought, "Wow, that’s lame, it was probably just another stupid publicity stunt by MTV." But, as I watched the incident again on YouTube, there is no way Taylor Swift can act that well.

My overall and final reaction: Kanye, you are a jerk. Taylor, rock on!

After all this drama and all these talk show appearances (Kanye was on the verge of tears when he apologized on Jay Leno; Taylor Swift appeared on "The View"), all has been forgiven by Taylor, and the media have since moved on. I have even moved on. (As I wrote this article, my iPod was blaring not only "Teardrops on My Guitar," but also "Flashing Lights.")

But the most memorable part of the VMAs: Lady GaGa.

WHAT WAS SHE WEARING?!?! Are the aesthetically “pleasing” neck brace, the blood, the red mosquito-net bodysuit, and the bird’s nest around her face really necessary?

In the end, the VMAs were like just any awards show. People were nominated, a few won some Moonmen, blah blah blah. But fortunately for us, the dramatic moments at this year's show gave the viewers entertainment and great discussion topics (cough TAYLOR SWIFT DIDN'T DESERVE THAT cough) for the next day. I look forward to seeing what crazy stuff the next year's VMAs has in store.