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Gargoyle hero bracket: The Elite 8

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promotional image used under fair useAtticus Finch is among the many heroes chosen for this week's competition.

Before we get into the new round of voting, here are the results of the last poll.

Wesley vs. Luke Skywalker


As seen in: “The Princess Bride”
Wesley started life as a simple farm boy. He quickly fell in love with Buttercup, the beautiful farm girl for whom he worked. He would do anything for her, but sadly, he was called to war in a faraway land. After years of waiting, Buttercup received word that the Dread-Pirate Roberts had killed Wesley, and she fell into a terrible depression. In reality, Wesley had been kidnapped by Roberts, and forcibly made into his heir. Wesley honed his skills over many years, dedicating himself to the dream of reuniting with Buttercup, who was to be forcibly married to Prince Humperdinck. Wesley finally comes to Buttercup’s rescue, using his newfound skills in swordplay, agility, and strategy. Wesley finds many obstacles along his path, including a fearsome Spaniard, a giant, an ROUS (rodent of unusual size), and even death, but he is never deterred.

Luke Skywalker

As Seen in: The Star Wars original trilogy
Luke was a simple farm boy, destined for very little aside from bullseye-ing womp rats in his T-16. But then, the once great Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi starts him down the path of greatness, eventually leading him to become a master of the force and a formidable fighter with a lightsaber. Luke begins his journey as a boy, but becomes a wise and powerful man through his actions, leading the rebellion to victory against the evil Empire, and finally eradicating the Sith, who wielded the dark side of the force.

Aladdin vs. Batman


As seen in: “Aladdin”
Aladdin is considered by many to be nothing more than a nuisance and a street rat. Living on the streets of Agribah, Aladdin has learned how to survive by stealing and swindling others. At the same time, Aladdin is a compassionate boy, and will always sacrifice what little he has for those who need it more. He is the quintessential “diamond in the rough.” Aladdin is also a hopeless romantic, and dreams of marrying princess Jasmine. Although the odds are against him, Aladdin will always pursue his dreams, and protect those who need him.


As seen in: “Batman”, “Batman Begins”, and “The Dark Knight”
Bruce Wayne was the son of famous philanthropists Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce grew up in an environment of wealth and love, until the fateful day when his parents were brutally gunned down in front of him. From that day on, Bruce dedicated his life to becoming a force for justice. Choosing to prey on the fears and superstitions of the criminal mind, he chose to appear as a bat does, dark and imposing on the night sky. Batman will never take a life, making him one of the most moral symbols of justice within the DC universe.

Simba vs. Indiana Jones


As seen in: “The Lion King”

Simba the lion had to learn the hard way that the privileges often come with terrible costs and hard sacrifices. Believing that he was responsible for his father's untimely death, Simba fled his native home of the Pridelands, seeking to die in the harsh desert that surrounds it. Luckily, Simba is rescued and raised by Timone and Pumba, a Meercat/Warthog duo that teaches Simba the joys of life. After many years, Simba is called back to his home, where his Uncle Scar (the true murder of Simba's father) has brought an era of suffering and misery. Learning the truth about his past, Simba avenges his father and leads the pride into a new age of prosperity. Simba is good-hearted and kind, like his father, and has learned in his travels the truth of dealing with past guilt and suffering, making him the perfect kind of leader and father.

Indiana Jones

As seen in: the “Indiana Jones” trilogy

Dr. Jones is what some would call the quintessential man of his era. He was strong, opinionated, and patriotic, but unlike many "great men" of the time, he was also educated, witty, and compassionate. Jones has always held education and preservation of the arts among his chief beliefs, and seeks to help those who would be oppressed. He's faced many formidable perils, including ancient death traps, a demonic cult, and even Hitler himself. Dr. Jones is a gruff, rough-and-tumble hero that isn't afraid to take risks in the pursuit of higher knowledge.

Atticus Finch vs. Daniel-San

Atticus Finch

As seen in: "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Atticus Finch isn't like many of the heroes on this list. He doesn't possess any superhuman ability or skill, and he solves his problems by different means than brute force. Atticus is fighting a different kind of fight with his own set of skills. Atticus is a southern lawyer in the time of the depression. He steps up to defend an African-American worker who is wrongly accused of rape charges. He tries to stand up against the social injustice of the time to defend a fellow human being that deserves better. At the same time that this is happening, Atticus is dedicated to raising his children and teaching them how to be accepting and good in a hateful world. Atticus may not be a fighter in the conventional sense, but he is a true hero.


As Seen in: The "Karate Kid" trilogy

Daniel-San was victimized and bullied when he tried to fit in to his new school in California. A gang of Kobra-Kai karate students used their impressive martial arts skills to overpower Daniel and discourage him from ever making a name for himself. Luckily for Daniel, he meets an wise old man named Mr. Myagi who teaches him the secrets of karate mastery. Daniel works hard, and after months of training becomes one of the best fighters in the city. It was Daniel perseverance to come out on top that makes us root for him. As the movie progresses, we watch a scrawny little kid become a disciplined young adult. Daniel learns from Myagi what it means to be a true hero, and grows in the process.

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Batman is the best superhero

Batman is the best superhero ever. Case closed.